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  • Wedang_Uwuh_Angkringan_Jogja_Paket_Icip
  • Wedang_Uwuh_Angkringan_Jogja_Paket_Icip

Wedang Uwuh Angkringan Jogja Paket Icip

Wedang Uwuh Paket Icip - Angkringan Jogja

Serving Suggestion

Wedang Uwuh can be brewed with hot water and are more suitable to drink during cold weather.


Ginger, Secang, Clove, Cinnamon, Nutmeg, Lemongrass, Cardamom and Rock Sugar.


Wedang Uwuh Angkringan Jogja Paket Icip

Wedang Uwuh

Wedang Uwuh is a natural traditional drink of Yogyakarta which is made of ingredients such as leaves and is similar to waste with a refreshing aroma and a unique herbal spices flavor. In the Java language, wedang means drinks, while uwuh means trash. Wedang Uwuh is served hot or warm and has a spicy sweet taste with a bright red color. Spicy flavor comes from the ingredients while the ginger red color comes from secang.

At first, Wedang Uwuh was still served with genuine spices still intact. However, over the times and needs, Wedang Uwuh has been developed in the form of instant or bags. The savor of the Wedang Uwuh make it one of souvenirs that must be purchased while visiting Yogyakarta.

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