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  • Beet_Syrup_650ml
  • Beet_Syrup_650ml
  • Beet_Syrup_650ml

Beet Syrup 650ml

Beet Syrup 650ml -Gendhees manees

Serving Suggestion

Beet Syrup can serve as your health drink. Can be served cold or warm.


Beet Concentrate, Honey


Beet Syrup 650ml

Beet Syrup

Syrup is a drink made from a concentrated sugar solution mixed with some additives such as juice, spices, vegetables, or just pure sugar alone. There are syrups that can be drunk immediately, some have been mixed with water first and there is also a syrup used as a food mixture.

Beet Syrup is a beverage made of beet juice mixed with real honey. The original drink from Semarang is included into organic drink, so you can make it as a healthy drink.

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