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Padang Special Package

If you wish to purchase this Special Box, please contact our Customer Service : cs@omiyago.com
Special Package Padang

Package consisting of a selection of original food products from Padang. Suitable as a gift or as a family meal at home.


Padang Special Package

Padang Special Package

Omiyago Special Package in October but still available during HARBOLNAS.

Why we call this Omiyago Special Padang Package? Because this package contains original food from Padang shipped directly from there.

The package consists of:

- Rendang Daging Sapi 500gr

- Rendang Daging Sapi Suwir 250gr

- Rendang Telur 200gr

- Keripik Singkong Balado 250gr

- Dendeng Balado 600gr

- Dendeng Lado hijau 200gr

- Ikan Bilih Singkarak 150gr

Not only that, you also get:

- Omiyago product stories

- Thank you card

- Welcome city card

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