• Chocolate_Sun_Vera_Aloe_Vera_3_pack
  • Chocolate_Sun_Vera_Aloe_Vera_3_pack
  • Chocolate_Sun_Vera_Aloe_Vera_3_pack

Chocolate Sun Vera Aloe Vera (3 pack)

Chocolate Aloe Vera - Sun Vera

Serving Suggestion

Chocolate Aloe Vera can be enjoyed straight away.


Aloe Vera Gel, Sugar and Chocolate


Chocolate Sun Vera Aloe Vera (3 pack)

Chocolate Aloe Vera

Chocolate is the appellation for the food or drink processed from the cocoa bean. Chocolate was first consumed by the inhabitants of ancient Mesoamerica as a drink although it is believed that at first chocolate could only be consumed by the nobles.

Chocolate is generally given as a gift or parcel during celebration days. With the form, style, and unique flavors, chocolate is often used as an expression of gratitude, sympathy or attention even as a declaration of love. Chocolate also has become one of the most popular flavors in the world. In addition to the most commonly consumed in the form of chocolate bars, chocolate is also the main ingredient of warm and cold drinks.

Aloe Vera is a type of plant that has been known since thousands of years ago and used as fertilizer hair, wound healing and skin care. Along with the progress of science and technology, Aloe Vera is a valuable ingredient for the pharmaceutical and cosmetics industries as well as for beverage and food.

Chocolate Aloe Vera is a unique culinary innovation from Pontianak. Chocolate Aloe Vera has a sweet chocolate flavor and a soft texture. Because it is aloe vera-based, it is very good for skin health as it contains vitamin E. Chocolate Aloe Vera is suitable for who wants to continue to eat chocolate without thinking about weight gain, and it is a recommended Oleh-oleh.

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