6 Oleh-Oleh Khas Bali yang Bisa Didapatkan di Omiyago

shopback - 3 Januari 2017

Bali memang destinasi wisatawa yang pasti bikin kangen banyak orang. Mungkin tahun baru kemarin kamu pengen banget ke Bali tapi ternyata nggak bisa atau kamu tahun baruan di Bali tapi lupa bawa snack-snack asli Bali?.

Tenang sekarang kamu nggak perlu repot karena di Omiyago kamu bisa mendapatkan oleh-oleh khas Bali.

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Explore Indonesian Culinary On The Go Via Omiyago.com

myfunfoodiary - 2 November 2016

I would certainly agree that life is much better with friends and family around us. Oh, well, you know! It’s simply because they can make our life better in up and downs situations in our life. My life isn’t perfect, but I feel grateful to have these people that support my activities and encourage me, including you, my readers. Although I love to make new friends, I often thought of the friends that I already have, those who still support me to this day, including my family members. This makes me want to express my gratitude to them. Of course, as a food blogger, I would like to.

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OMIYAGO: Indonesian Culinary Gifts On The Go

thefoodescape - 24 Oktober 2016

When a family member or a close friend go on trip, what’s usually in your mind? In our case, most of the time we secretly hope for gifts from them, better yet, authentic gifts that can only be purchased in the destination countries.

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